Reseller to be limited when editing own data without overselling

Version 1.46


Previously, a Reseller could set their own User data to any values they wanted via the "Modify your own User data" The Reseller's personal User allocations are not part of the total allocation count, because the Reseller's user.conf values are defaulted to the same as the reseller.conf limits, so the allocation would be maxed out the moment the Reseller is created. So the allocation count does not include his own User data. However, the issue is that the allocation check for the Reseller's own User data was skipped, because it wasn't part of the count anyway. But.. if overselling is off, it's reasonable to assume the Admin really doesn't want the Reseller's User data to be a value higher than this, a a minimum. So this fix will ensure that, if overselling is not enabled, the Reseller cannot set their own User Level limits to a value higher than the Reseller limits. So the "actual" allocated max for a reseller is double his max... (again, because his own user allocation is not counted)... but this at least puts a limit of wht he can give himself.

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