Restores to/from different IPv4/IPv6 types cause duplicate dns records (IMPORTANT RESTORE CHANGES)

Version 1.46


Cleanup of the restore/merge code for the dns. 1) If a User account is just created, then the default A and AAAA "local" values are ignored, and only the A and AAAA from the backups are used. This means that if you need to add special values via custom dns_a.conf or dns_aaaa.conf files, they'll be ignored for restores. 2) If a backup was IPv6, but it's restored to IPv4, it caused duplicates for the incorrect type: eg, the old IPv6 IPs were still present, as well as the new IPv4 values 3) Proper IPv6 restore added in that values are now checked and properly swapped. Before this, it caused both the old and new IPv6 values to be present. Related thread:

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