Change default connect_timeout to 20 and drop expired pre-connections

Version 1.453


Relating to this change: and this error: Your connection has timed out Details: No input given before connect_timeout reached It means that Chrome (or any browser that pre-connects) was holding open idle connections, but the connection timed out.. and chrome tried to use them for subsequent requests, when DA had already sent that text. Two changes have been made: 1) The new internal default for connect_timeout is now 20 seconds (from 10) 2) If such a pre-connect timeout occurs, no output will be given at all. The connection will simply close, which is what should have happened before. The previous error (above) should not happen, because if Chrome tries to use the connection by sending a request, the error is output, making chrome think that was the correct output.. when it's not. The change to drop the connection with 0 output is how we tell Chrome to try again with a new connection. I believe this was the cause of some randomly occurring half-loaded images or pages (although not confirmed) With the cache enabled, most people wouldn't notice that anyway, as 1 more click and the proper file is completed.

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