Message System, Manage Tickets, Plugin Updates, Licenses/Udpates to show count box (SKINS)

Version 1.453


New green count boxes with the number of new items to address or update. May require a ctrl-F5 for stylesheet css reload. They will replace the "(12 new)" texts for "Message System" and "Manage Tickets" Boxes will be hidden if there are 0 items/counts. For plugins and licenses/updates count display, it uses ajax to fetch the counts, so you must turn that on in the directadmin.conf if you want to see those counts: ajax=1 and restart DA. The plugin count goes through each plugin, and determines if a different version is available, which adds +1 to the plugin count. The Licenses/Updates count checks for a license in it's grace period, or for a new version of DA. Each add +1 (max = 2 for this one) There will be a cache file for each plugin for the current version, so this change doesn't DDOS the plugin authors with this on their version_url. Each load of the plugin page will write the cache file, regardless of it's time. Loading of the ajax to look for updates will use the cache if it's not expired. It will update if it is. The file will be here: /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/plugname/available_version.txt where plugname is replaced with the plugin name. A new directadmin.conf option has been added to specify the amount of time, in seconds, that one of these ajax cache files is allowed to live. The internal default is: ajax_cache_max_time=1800 (30 minutes) ------------------- SKINS: style.css: added class .count_notice for green highlight admin/content_main.html: ajax changes for plugin count and license/updates span changes for manage tickets count reseller/content_main.html: span changes for manage tickets count footer1.html: span changes for messages count creation_check.js: added new function: function set_admin_level_updates()

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