Custom Stats Path

Version 1.45


New directadmin.conf option, this is the internal default: custom_stats_path=(NULL) where it's completely unset. If you add the following to your directadmin.conf: custom_stats_path=/some/path/%s/index.html then DA will swap the href="value" with your custom_stats_path value on the CMD_USER_STATS page (webalizer and awstats table, left column) For example: custom_stats_path=/CMD_FILE_MANAGER/domains/%s/stats/index.html Would essentially do the exact same thing the normal webalizer link. *NOTE* you must provide exactly one instance of %s else DA will fill the href with: javascript:alert('check custom_stats_path setting'); so when clicked, Users will see a popup. If this option is set, it will override any webalizer/awstats setting, enabled or not. --------------------- Related bugfix: webalizer=0 awstats=0 will remove any a href link, and will show just the domain. Previously, if both were 0, then the webalizer URL was still shown. Thread:

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