Bypass dns for Multi Server Setup clustering (SKINS)

Version 1.45


If clustering is turned on, enable these options at the Admin Level: 1) When Deleting a User through "Show All Users", extra checkbox to leave the dns zone. This will leave the local copy in place, but will also prevent any removal of remote dns zones. This will be handy if you're moving a User between 2 servers, the data exists on both, but only want to remove the User data, and not the dns data. Would imply that the zone most likely points to the other server already. ** DNNSEC issues? possibly needs to be swapped to on future writes from external source. 2) When adding a User via Restore by an Admin at: Admin Level -> Admin Backup/Transfer new checkbox to bypass a dns check, knowing that the zone alerady exists. This will fallback to check /etc/virtual/domainowners to ensure the domain isn't added twice. But.. will allow for a User to be added to a box where a zone from a remote box already exists. SKINS: admin/admin_backup.html Bottom section, restore settings: |*if CLUSTER_ENABLED="1"| <tr> <td class=list align=center> <input type=checkbox name=confirm_with_domainowners value="yes" |CONFIRM_WITH_DOMAINOWNERS|> </td> <td class=list> On restore, check for domain conflict in domainowners, rather than the named.conf, or remote named.conf files. </td> </tr> |*endif|

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