Add rewrite inherit for cli when use_hostname_for_alias is used. (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.45


All 4 virtual_host2*.conf templates have changed. New variable: USE_HOSTNAME_FOR_ALIAS=1|0 (if yes_hostname_for_alias=auto is set in the options.conf, then it's set to 1 in the template if fastcgi is used) At the bottom of the 4 virtual_host2*.conf files, it now looks like this (sorry the logic isn't shorter): ================ |?ADD_REWRITE_INHERIT=no| |*if HAVE_PHP_FCGI="1"| |?ADD_REWRITE_INHERIT=yes| |*endif| |?ADD_CLI_INHERIT=yes| |*if CLI!="1"| |?ADD_CLI_INHERIT=no| |*endif| |*if USE_HOSTNAME_FOR_ALIAS!="1"| |?ADD_CLI_INHERIT=no| |*endif| |*if ADD_CLI_INHERIT="yes"| |?ADD_REWRITE_INHERIT=yes| |*endif| |*if ADD_REWRITE_INHERIT="yes"| RewriteEngine on RewriteOptions inherit |*endif|

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