Added /usr/local/phpXX/lib/php to ODB (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.441


template changes to: user_virtual_host.conf virtual_host2.conf virtual_host2_secure.conf virtual_host2_sub.conf virtual_host2_secure_sub.conf For CustomBuild 2 setups, the extra: /usr/local/php54/lib/php path is needed (also for other versions php53, php54, php55) The open basedir setting in these templates has been changed to include extra paths. The change below basically read.. if PHPX_RELEASE is set to a php version, then add /usr/local/phpXX/lib/php to the ODB settings. Applies to both php1_release and php2_release. |?OBDP1=| |*if PHP1_RELEASE!="0.000000"| |?OBDP1=:/usr/local/php`PHP1_RELEASE`/lib/php/| |*endif| |?OBDP2=| |*if PHP2_RELEASE!="0.000000"| |?OBDP2=:/usr/local/php`PHP2_RELEASE`/lib/php/| |*endif| |?OPEN_BASEDIR_PATH=`HOME`/:/tmp:/var/tmp:/usr/local/lib/php/`OBDP1``OBDP2`|

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