exim.pl version 15

Version 1.441


VERSION=15 http://files1.directadmin.com/services/exim.pl.15 Fixes a bug where extra bcc/cc/to values are not counted. Issue was the message ID is the same for all sends of each copy, so the exim.pl thought they were just retries. Change the /etc/virtual/user_ids to have the message ID as a folder, istead of a file, and have the designation user-domain as a file in the message ID folder, as the index for "already counted". The user-domain is going to be base64 encoded, if MIME::Base64 exists in perl (usually does). If not, it will revert to just user-domain so it still works. In a similar fashion, DirectAdmin will also include the local_part and domain variables as unique indexes, along with the message ID, to determine the number of sends. DA will not update this file for you. If you want the exim.pl version 15, grab it: wget -O /etc/exim.pl http://files1.directadmin.com/services/exim.pl.15 once more testing is done, it will replace the main exim.pl, rather than exim.pl.15.

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