exim.pl VERSION=13 use ids path for per-email limit

Version 1.431


use ids path for per-email limit, not use per-user limit. This it to prevent double counting of sends under the per-email limit. If you're not using the per-email limit (limits per email account), then this wouldn't apply to you. wget -O /etc/exim.pl http://files1.directadmin.com/services/exim.pl.13 This does have a minor requirement, where the /etc/virtual/limit must be enabled. If it's not enabled, the check on the user_ids is never done, so the attempts would pile up. If you only have a /etc/virtual/user_limit set, and /etc/virtual/limit is 0, then this change won't work. But 99% of the time, if the /etc/virtual/user_limit or /etc/virtual/domain.com/limit/user is set, then /etc/virtual/limit will be too (to a value greater than 0)

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