Checkbox to restore SPF TXT from backup, or use local value (SKINS)

Version 1.5


Previously, all v=spf1 TXT/SPF records were ignored during the restore, and only the local dns_txt.conf / dns_spf.conf values were used for v=spf1, upon restore. A new checkbox has been added to: Admin Level -> Admin Backup/Transfer -> Backup/Restore settings Reseller Level -> Manage User Backup -> Backup/Restore settings as: "Restore with SPF values from backup. (unchecked: Use local spf values)" which defaults to unchecked/off, to maintain backwards compatibility for old skins are not yet updated. When checked, restores will not do the previous behavior, and instead will restore whatever v=spf1 values were stored in the backup .db file, for both TXT and SPF record types.

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