Admin Level Restore: Check that Reseller exists

Version 1.43


If you're doing restores for User accounts, and they're in the form: user.reseller.username.tar.gz if the reseller account who previously created the User (on a different server) does not exist on this server, the restore previously did create the User, but the User was not added to any users.list files, if the "reseller" didn't exist. This caused the need for this fix, even if the Reseller was restored after the User: This fix does a check and will refuse to restore a User account if the Reseller in the filename does not exist. This check is only done on user.*.*.tar.gz restores, because a reseller and admin.*.*.* always share the same .list file, thus can never go missing in this scenario (all Admin's share the same admin.list and reseller.list, so Reseller/Admin accounts will always be added to them, even if their "creator" is wrong in the filename) The table shown on the Admin Level Restore page containing the list of files will show the file as bold and red if the creator does not exist.. forcasting that an error will occur if you try and restore this User.

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