dataskq option to only parse task.queue.cb

Version 1.43


New task.queue file: /usr/local/directadmin/data/task.queue.cb This will always be parsed. The task.queue.cb will (for the most part) only be filled by the custombuild script. There is nothing stopping you from using this file as well, to make use of this feature. The "feature" part is that the dataskq can now be called like this: /usr/local/directadmin/dataskq d2000 --custombuild Where the --custombuild option is new. With the --custombuild option passed to the dataskq (with or without debug mode), this tells the dataskq to skip all other tasks, and only process the task.queue.cb file. This means: 1) The task.queue.cb file is executed. 2) No other task.queue or task.queue.da file is executed 3) Services are not checked if they're running 4) Partition usage is not checked 5) Brute force scanner is not run 6) The DA login history counter is not checked (for port 2222) Once custombuild 2.0 is updated to use this feature, you *must* be running the binaries that supports this option. This is because - DA will throw an error if you use --custombuild and the dataskq doesn't support it. - the task.queue.cb is not going to be seen, so rewrites and other CB tasks won't be run.

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