Admin Backup Options to specify E-Mail Data (SKINS)

Version 1.43


The Admin Backup/Transfer can now specify "E-Mail Data" in the Backup options. This will let you backup the email account names/passwords, without actually including the message data, which can sometimes be quite large. This is a per-cron option which would more-or-less replace the need for the global option "skip_imap_in_backups": The changed used to implement this feature are identical to this feature, except of course database_data is changed to email_data: The update will convert everything to become database_data_aware, so it's important that the script is run (which should be done automatically, so you shouldn't need to worry about it) ------------------------------------- SKINS: form_version needs to be changed from 2 to 3. admin/admin_backup.html admin/admin_backup_modify.html user/site_backup.html user/site_restore.html lang/en/reseller/backup_modify.html lang/en/user/site_backup.html

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