BFM automated unblock (SKINS)

Version 1.42


Ability to unblock an IP based on time. Only works if the reported IPs from ./ returns the dateblocked value, eg: specific directadmin.conf settings to be determined. Will likely be: unblock_brute_ip_time=0 in minutes, where 0 is never. 0 will be the default. Related: Note that the HAVE_BF_UNBLOCK_AFTER_TIME token is only set to 1 if both scripts/custom files exist: as both of these scripts must be installed and working in order for this feature to work. -------------------- SKINS: admin/admin_settings.html |*if HAVE_BF_UNBLOCK_AFTER_TIME="1"| <tr> <td class=list> Remove an IP from the BF blacklist after </td> <td class=list> <input type=text name=unblock_brute_ip_time value="|UNBLOCK_BRUTE_IP_TIME|" size=4> minutes (0 = never) </td> </tr> |*endif|

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