Per-DA-User email send limit in interface (SKINS)

Version 1.42


Related to feature: Requires version 10 or higher (active check in DA is done) Feature disabled by default. See below to enable it. Admin Level -> Show All Users -> user or Reseller Level -> List Users -> user ------------------------------ Adds a text input and "Save Limit" button, eg: [200] / Day [Save Limit] The default value is from: /etc/virtual/limit When you add a number it creates: /etc/virtual/limit_username where username is the DA username. ------------------------------ To delete the limit_username and revert to the default, simply set a blank value and click "Save Limit". 0 is unlimited. ------------------------------ Note that a Reseller does not have access to this feature by default because of the internal option: reseller_can_set_email_limit=0 Only Admins have access to this form. To enabe it for Resellers, add this to the directadmin.conf with: reseller_can_set_email_limit=1 and restart DA to override the option. ------------------------------ The upper limit that can be set by a Reseller is controlled by this variable (default): max_user_send_limit=-1 where -1 implies that the upper limit is taken from /etc/virtual/limit. max_user_send_limit=0 implies no limit (unlimited) If max_user_send_limit is set to a number higher than 0, then the number which is set it the limit. ------------------------------ SKINS: no html changes are needed. Only the hardcoded tables are changed. Langauge files also changed: internal/command.txt internal/email.txt

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