Add backup id to backup results

Version 1.42


When a backup finishes, include the backup ID with the message, eg: Your backups are now ready (id=4) or: An error occurred during the backup (id=4) where id=4 would imply that backup cron id 4 was the cron backup that was just run. ----------- The "Modify" button on both Admin and Reseller Level backup pages will now include the ID beside them, eg: Modify 4 --------------- Also include a timestamp next to each User being backed up. User user1 has been backed up. <12:39:25> User user2 has been backed up. <12:41:34> such that the completion time of the creation of each tar.gz User backup is logged. Note that this time is before the ftp transfer (if used). If there is an ftp upload error, a timestamp will be included along with the ftp error output, eg: User test has been backed up. <1:27:30> ncftpput: cannot open username and/or password was not accepted for login. <1:27:30> which could be useful for debugging logs.

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