Version 1.42


API of CMD_PROCESS_MONITOR Output will be url encoded array. boxinfo= text of the top section of the "top" output. Includes newline characters (all encoded, of course) headers=0=PID&1=USER&2=etc.. each header, text access from the numbers (text is direct from the top output) 0=0=716&1=root&10=0:00.01&11=/usr/bin/top -c -b -n 1 &2=15&3=0&4=2552&5=876&6=660&7=R&8=2.0&9=0.4 1=... 2=... 3=0=26158&1=apache&10=0:00.00&11=/usr/sbin/httpd -k start -DSSL &2=18&3=0&4=13248&5=7544&6=2712&7=S&8=0.0&9=3.4 each PID on the system is shown. The index (left value) is just a counter from 0, and not the actual PID number. the PID number itself is usually going to be header number 0, in the data to the right of the index (Eg: 0=716 and 0=16158) However, the output is determined 100% by how top displays it.. so if it's different on some system, then the output order may also be different (although, I don't recall ever seeing it in a different order) ----------- Because the API does not use sessions, the root authentication is not possible at this time, hence signals cannot be sent through the API (cannot kill processes, or send HUPs, etc.) The "admin" password is not sufficient authentication to kill processes.

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