manually created task.queue cronjobs need database_data

Version 1.42


Relating to: If you have manually created a backup cronjob which echos to the task.queue, and have used the what=select option to pick and chose which options you want to backup, DA will now notice that database_data_aware=yes is not present, and if option123=database is present, DA will automatically add option99=database_data, to ensure databases are included. Please update your cronjobs to have database_aware=yes&option99=database_data to your manual cronjobs. Note that this does not affect anything if you've setup all of your cronjobs through DA, as DA should have already updated them with the database_aware=yes option, and enabled database_data, if database was on. This also does not affect any cronjobs that use what=all. Only the what=select where the checkboxes are used to select which data to backup. Forum thread:

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