Version 1.41


Custom script which is called after a DirectAdmin tar.gz backup restore fails. Script will be at: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ Variables to be passed to the script: username=bob usertype=user|reseller|admin reseller=creatorsname file=something.tar.gz|user.creatore.user.tar.gz source_path=/restored/from owner=personwhotriggeredbackup reason=current<br>\ntext<br>\nwithreason Note that owner and source_path will be empty strings if the restore is triggered by the User (User Level -> Create/Restore Backups) So be sure to check if owner is blank before trying to use the source_path (check it too). If they are blank, then it's likely going to be: /home/username/backups/file.tar.gz Note that the reason will include the <br>\n characters in it, as inserted into DA's message.

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