FileManager icons upgraded and set to transparent png (SKINS)

Version 1.41


Minor changes to the images in the 3 DA skins. The 4 new files for folder and files have been upgraded to png files, as png's allow for transparency. This lets us change the background color while having the matching background in the icon (since each line has a different bg color) While I was at it, I made them look much nicer, including the alpha channel for the shadows (bg color can go through the shadow). The changes are quite minor, but make it look much more polished, and is far more flexible for different colors/skins. There are 4 new files: images/file.png images/file_link.png images/folder.png images/folder_link.png These will replace the gif versions in the files_user.conf: IMG_FOLDER=images/folder.png IMG_FOLDER_LINK=images/folder_link.png IMG_FILE=images/file.png IMG_FILE_LINK=images/file_link.png I've left the gif files, in case they're being linked to by other language packs, or skins. Also, the icon column in the FileManager also has align=center in it's <td> tag, to line up the icons in the center of the column.

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