Version 1.41

Finished Option which lets you tell DA to disable ssl if a connection is made on localhost. The logic is somewhat backwards in that it currently only checks the connecting IP, which will be, if you're connecting to, so ensure you're using that, and not ::1... as it's been found that the "from" IP, when connecting to ::1 is not ::1 or, but rather the main server IP, which is not considered "local", so this feature doesn't work if your API script is connecting to ::1. The correct method for this would be to check the sockets themselves to figure out which IP was being connected to, instead of from. That way we could check if was connected to, or ::1 was connected to, however that code does not currently exist in DA, so DA (At this time) only check the "from" address.. which is going to be anyway, so as long as people are aware of this, it should be ok the way it is.

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