Global option where suspended domains still allow emails to arrive

Version 1.402


With the introduction of this per-email suspension: we'll introduce a domain suspension option (directadmin.conf) where you can specify to keep the domain's email active, but just suspend the email passwords, preventing pop/imap/smtp auth. This prevents anyone from logging in to download messages, but will allow messages to continue to arrive (assuming there is space on disk) The method for the domain based suspension may either use the comment part of the passwd file with the word "suspended" if the account is actually suspended, or will just use a different character than ! if it's already suspended (per-email suspension). The need is because if an email account is already suspended, then we suspend the domain, when un-suspending the domain, we'll need to make sure that any account that was previously suspended stays that way. *** IMPORTANT *** if you turn this feature on, make *sure* that no accounts or domains are currently suspended, or they'll be stuck in limbo using the other suspension method (may just add a check to make sure) To enable this feature, set: allow_incoming_email_on_suspend=1 in your directadmin.conf. The internal default is set to 0. *** IMPORTANT for Backup/Restores *** If the backup box has this option enabled, ensure that this option is also enabled on the box being restored to. Else, suspended email accounts won't be unsuspended on the new box when the User account is unsuspended.

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