domain log rotation to have order

Version 1.4


The tar.gz files in: /home/user/domains/ will now be rotated in a similar fashion to all logs in /var/log (but still controlled by DA, and not logrotate) The format will be: Nov-2011.tar.gz Nov-2011.tar.gz.1 Nov-2011.tar.gz.2 Nov-2011.tar.gz.3 Nov-2011.tar.gz.4 Nov-2011.subdomain.tar.gz Nov-2011.subdomain.tar.gz.1 Nov-2011.subdomain.tar.gz.2 Nov-2011.subdomain.tar.gz.3 Nov-2011.subdomain.tar.gz.4 The old format had no pattern to the numbering. Only the timestamp could be used to determine the newest log. The numbers would be used in a rotation, but they were not in order. The new format keeps things much cleaner. The file that does not end in a number is always going to be the newest.

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