Suspend reason: user/domain (SKINS) (TEMPLATES)

Version 1.4


When a user/domain is suspended, feature which allows reasons that it was suspended. Note that the reason is optional. You don't need to pass it, and you don't need to pick something, if you don't want to. The variable suspended_reason will be stored in both the user.conf and domains/ if either is suspended. When the user/domain is unsuspended (suspended=no), the variable is deleted. Uses an environmental variable in the httpd.conf holding the key-word descriptor of why it was suspended. (probably cleaner/simpler), eg: SetEnv reason bandwidth which can then be accessed via the /home/reseller/domains/suspended/index.html, index.shtml, or index.php.. whatever works for you which has the ability to read ENV variables. Variable name is "reason" Available for Admins/Resellers to use on Users. Also available for Users to use on Domains. template: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/suspension_reason.txt user_bandwidth=id=12&text=User Bandwidth user_quota=id=13&text=User Disk Quota domain_bandwidth=id=14&text=Domain Bandwidth domain_quota=id=15&text=Domain Quota reseller_bandwidth=id=16&text=Reseller Bandwidth reseller_quota=id=17&text=Reseller Quota billing=id=18&text=Billing Issue abuse=id=19&text=Abuse spam=id=20&text=Spam other=id=21&text=Other where the id values for the key names are internal language pack id numbers set in: /usr/local/directadmin/data/skins/enhanced/lang/en/internal/suspension.txt Note, if you just want to set the text, and not make your entries translateable, then simply don't include an id value. A sample reason without an id: smelly=text=He Really Smells Bad Both cases must have a "text" variable, as it will be the fallback for the event that the id cannot be found in the given language file. If you wish to customize the suspension_reason.txt file, first copy it to the folder: /usr/local/directadmin/data/templates/custom and edit the custom copy. ------ TEMPLATES: suspension_reason.txt : see above virtual_host*.conf added: |*if SUSPENDED_REASON| <IfModule mod_env.c> SetEnv reason |SUSPENDED_REASON| </IfModule> |*endif| ------------------------ SKINS: Just a minor cosmetic change. Since Show Admins and Show Resellers now have wider tables, we're changing the header page to be the full path instead of the path with the stats on the right, such that the table doesn't impede on the stats. admin/show_admins.html admin/show_resellers.html Change: |HTM_ADMIN_TOP| and: |HTM_ADMIN_BOTTOM| to be: |HTM_HEADER| |HTM_HEADER_WIDE| and: |HTM_FOOTER_WIDE| |HTM_FOOTER| --------------------------------- Thread containing examples on index.shtml and index.php usage:

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