Default email account limit to 50 Meg (SKINS)

Version 1.39

Finished default_pop_quota=50 will be the default internal directadmin.conf value set. This represents the default number of Megabytes the quota field will show when creating a new email account. The User can still change it to whatever they want, but should help limit out-of-control inboxes. Note that this only affects the form and does not affect the internal creation code of an email account. This means that any API creating an email account will not be affected by this change. Any other skins that are not updated will not be an issue, they'll just default to whatever they were defaulting to before (likely 0) SKINS: --- user/email/pop.html <a href="HTM_EMAIL_POP_CREATE?DOMAIN=|DOMAIN|&DEFAULT_POP_QUOTA=|DEFAULT_POP_QUOTA|">Create POP3 mail account</a><br> --- user/email/pop_create.html |?POP_QUOTA=0| |*if DEFAULT_POP_QUOTA| |?POP_QUOTA=`DEFAULT_POP_QUOTA`| |*endif| <input type=text name=quota size=16 value="|POP_QUOTA|">

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