Ability to set headers when sending emails with "email only" method

Version 1.39


Admin Level -> Show All Users Reseller Level -> List Users then: select the Users and click "Send Message" with the "email only" option enable this functionality so that the emails can be html or custom headers added: http://www.directadmin.com/features.php?id=620 Note, you could already make an html email by simply adding: <html> as the very first line of the message, and DA would add the required headers, but now you can also add any header you want, eg: |?HEADER=X-My-Header: purple-monkey| but keep in mind that DA is fairly strict about header syntax and doesn't allow many special characters. If you're having issues with this, try with a very basic character-set first, to determine if it's the characters used, or an error elsewhere. If you're going to combine <html> with |?HEADER=..|, just make sure that <html> remains at the very first line, or else DA won't see it. You can use |?HEADER=..| by itself if you want.

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