php path checks in show_domain.html required change (SKINS)

Version 1.38


Due to the changes with: The scripts run within the skins no longer have the ability to read /var/www. Due to this change, we've made DA check for the paths and add tokens instead: HAVE_SQUIRRELMAIL HAVE_WEBMAIL HAVE_ROUNDCUBE HAVE_ATMAIL HAVE_PHPMYADMIN which will be set to "yes" if their respective path exists in /var/www/html, and no if not. This will actually speed up the page load since the php binary does not need to be read in 4 times. SKINS: power_user/user/email/email.html (not shown, but similar) default/user/email/email.html (not shown, but similar) enhanced/user/show_domain.html (see below) |*if SHOW_LINKS="no"| |?HAVE_SQUIRRELMAIL=no| |?HAVE_WEBMAIL=no| |?HAVE_ROUNDCUBE=no| |?HAVE_ATMAIL=no| |*endif| |*if HAVE_SQUIRRELMAIL="yes"| <a href="http://|HOSTNAME|/squirrelmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_SM|</a><br> |*endif| |*if HAVE_WEBMAIL="yes"| <a href="http://|HOSTNAME|/webmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_UEBI|</a><br> |*endif| |*if HAVE_ROUNDCUBE="yes"| <a href="http://|HOSTNAME|/roundcube" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_ROUNDCUBE|</a><br> |*endif| |*if HAVE_ATMAIL="yes"| <a href="http://|HOSTNAME|/atmail" target="_blank">|LANG_WEBMAIL_ATMAIL|</a><br> |*endif| |*if USERDNSCONTROL="ON"| <a href="/CMD_DNS_MX?domain=|domain|">|LANG_MX_RECORDS|</a><br> |*endif|

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