Forced domain suspensions unsuspended on reset

Version 1.38


Users have the ability to suspend their domains. Another way a domain can be suspended if for bandwidth over-usage (limit set by the User for that domain). This is not related to User limits and User suspension. The issue is that when the monthly bandwidth reset happens, DA doesn't know how the domain became suspended, thus assumes it was for bandwidth over-usage, thus the domain is unsuspended. This may not be an intended behavior if the domain was actually suspended by choice by the User. Fix is to use add an option: active=yes|no option to: /usr/local/directadmin/data/users/username/domains/ This will only be set to 'no' if the User suspends the domain by hand. If the domain is suspended by bandwidth, the value active=yes will be used. Either way, if a domain is suspended: suspended=yes will be present. When the reset happens, if active=no is used, the domain will not be unsuspended.

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