called on backup failure

Version 1.38


Similar to the and, this will be called if there are any issues during the creation of the User Backup. This also includes errors that may arise for the Reseller/Admin Level portions of the User backup. Ftp uploading is not part of the check as this is done outside of the backup function. You'd create: /usr/local/directadmin/scripts/custom/ the environmental variables are: username: name of the user being backed up (which failed) reseller: name of the account that created the User owner: owner of the directory/files.. mainly for write-access purposes. (owner of the backup path). I if using ftp, this value will be "diradmin" dest_path: where the backup is going. If the value is blank (""), then it's going to /home/username/backups error_result: the actual error message as to why this is being triggered.

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