System Load checker

Version 1.36


Every minute, this feature will check the system load to see if the 1 minute load average is greater than the value set in this option. The default is 10.0. If the load is greater than 10 when the dataskq runs, an email will be sent to all Admins, at most once per day. Internal default: check_load=10.0 check_load_minute=1 add that to your directadmin.conf with a different value to change it. Setting check_load to 0 will disable the check. There will no interface option for this for now, it's a simple directadmin.conf setting, enabled by default. The check_load_minute option needs to be set to 1, 5 or 15. This will be what DA is checking the specified load minute. You'll only want to change this if you want a longer average of the high load to prevent short term spikes from being reported. Template message: data/templates/load_check_message.txt Available tokens: ONE - one minute load av FIVE - five minute load av FIFTEEN - fifteen minute load av LOAD - the chosen minute load average LIMIT - limit set in the directadmin.conf LANG - language set in the directadmin.conf (lang)

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