Added grep to the log viewer (SKINS)

Version 1.36


Admin's can now filter log output with the grep command. This will filter the output to only show the lines that contain the word specified. An "Invert" checkbox is also available to show all lines where the specified word is not present. Note that using grep on large files will slow down the output. A blank textfield will not trigger grep. Any character in the textfiled will trigger the grep. SKINS: admin/log_viewer.html <tr><td class=list2 align=right>Grep</td><td class=list2><input type=text size=32 value="|GREPVAL|" name=grep> <input type=checkbox name=invert_grep value="yes" |INVERTCHECKED|>Invert &nbsp;<input type=checkbox name=ignore_case value="yes" |CASECHECKED|>Ignore Case</td>

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