BETA: Multiple IPs per User & per domain (SKINS)

Version 1.36


Please report issues here: and do not email them to DirectAdmin support. Ability to assign multiple IPs to a User, and the User can assign multiple IPs to a domain. This has multiple benefits: 1) Users can now host multiple SSL domains 2) Users can run both IPv4 and IPv6 IPs on one domain, at the same time. There is no limit as to how many IPs, or of what type, that can be added to a domain. Other noteable changes with the system is that the IP counter (IP Manager) is changed to actually count the number of Users on an IP. Previously it was incrementing the counter for each domain the User had, which was contrary to the column. This also caused the counter to become inaccurate when Users were moved to different IPs, if that User had multiple domains. The nightly tally now recount all IP usage numbers for the server and shared IPs. For free and owned IPs, if the count doesn't make sense (eg: 0 or more than 1 users on an owned IP, or more than 0 on a free IP), DA will log a note to the errortaskq.log mentioning the discrepancy. The dns restore section of this feature is not yet finished. The current effect of this is that you may end up with the old "additional" IPs in the dns zone after the restore, as DA would assume they're custom values. The main IP would be correctly swapped and updated to the new value. SKINS: reseller/modify_user.html user/modify_domain.html

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