Negation of User selection in backup creation (SKINS)

Version 1.34


The only 2 previous options were: - Select All Users - Selected Users for which Users to backup. Now, there is anoter option: - All Users Except Selected Users which allows Admin and Resellers to create a backup of all accounts, except the ones selected. The reason this is handy, is because many Admins/Resellers have backup cronjobs to create nightly backups of all of their Users. The issue is that on occation, some accounts do not need, or cannot handle nightly backups. For example static websites, or oversized websites. This option allows Admins/Resellers to create new User accounts, which will automatically be included in the list of backups, but still allow some other Users to be skipped. Previously, if he wished to skip anyone, for any new User added, he would have to also add that new User to the bacukp list manually. This negates the need for this extra manual step. SKINS: admin/admin_backup.html reseller/backup.html add this code just after the "All Users" </tr> ================================ <tr> <td class=listtitle align=center> <input type=radio name=who value="except" |WHO_EXCEPT_CHECKED|> </td> <td class=listtitle> - All Users Except Selected Users </td> </tr> ================================ admin/admin_backup_modify.html reseller_modify.html same as the above steps, except include the |WHO_EXCEPT_CHECKED| token inside the who=except radio button.

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